Attorney Yong is the partner of Min & C that specialized in the litigation of personal and corporate crime, civil, family law and particularly securities and financial capital market law. These cases are related in the construction, NPL, reconstruction and remodelling construction and real estate issues. Based on these experiences, he is even supporting the superior legal services to corporate now. 


- 1985. Woosin high School, Seoul

- 1989. Seoul National Univeristy, School of private law

- 2000. Visiting Scholar, Central University of Japen


- Etc. CEO Course of Yonsei University Graduate School of Journalism & Mass Communication / CEO Course of Humanities in Chonnam University / CEO course of Chosun University. 



- 1991. 20th Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea (30th Korea Bar Exam Passed)

- 1994. - 2003. Prosecutor, Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, Busan District Prosecutor’s Office, Soon Cheon District Prosecutor’s Office, Supreme Prosecution Service Central Investigation Dept. 

- 2003. Investigation Director, Sepcial Audit Office of Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation

- 2004. Chief Prosecutor, Jeon Ju District Prosecutor’s Office

- 2005. Chief Prosecutor, Special Crime Dept. in Gwang Ju Distrcit Prosecutor’s Office

- 2006. Representative Attorney, Lawcom Law Firm

- 2009. Partner, Min & C

Social Activity

- Present. Legal Council, Gwang Ju City Hall 

Legal Council, National Tax Service in Gwang Ju Branch

Legal Council, Chonnam Province Education Office

Nonexecutive Director, G-tree Bnt co.