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Family litigation

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Family litigation, Divorce, Inheritance

Legal dispute is a difficult and painful experience for everyone. Especially, it becomes even harder mentally and psychologically when the dispute arises between married couple, loved family, siblings and relatives. However, in today’s complex world, it is hard to live without family legal disputes.

Just as a company consulted by legal expert to prevent or resolve the legal disputes, family law also encourages to have consulted by legal experts to smoothly come to an agreement or adjustment. In the event of a dispute, qualified and experienced experts can deliver good results with the adequate advisory and litigation.

Family litigation department of Min & C has built a strong reputation throughout various litigation practices and theoretical studies in the field of Divorce, Alimony, Property division, Parental rights, Custody, Child support, Inheritance, Wills, and Guardianship. We empathizes to mental and psychological difficulties of our client and provide comprehensive legal services that will lead to the best result through appropriate and comfortable consultation and litigation.

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