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Rehabilitation, Bankruptcy

Min & Partners, LLC based on the professional legal knowledge and rich experience of bankruptcy law from the bankruptcy department of the Seoul District Court, is actively providing legal support for the rehabilitation of companies in financial difficulties. We are not only helping for the application for the commencement of the rehabilitation procedure, but we are advising in entire procedure from the submission of application to approval stage of rehabilitation plan.

Min & Partners, with the expertise and know-how, has shown unparalleled successful outcome over the past 10 years in corporate rehabilitation. We continues to make efforts to become the best law firm in the field of corporate rehabilitation. In addition, we will provide advices on behalf of the Creditor Company or agency in the fields of acquisition, split-up, or a sale of a company.

Min & Partners will be able to provide excellent resolution and legal support from attorney Lee, Yongwoon and CPA Lim, seungyoung who strong reputation in country club rehabilitation with a great successful case of ‘Chungju Tejeve Golf club’ turning into private membership club.


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Law win – M&A and IPO progressing 


Kiwi Media Group


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