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Securities, Finance, Capital Markets, M&A, Taxation

Securities Finance department of Min & Partners, LLC is consist of many experienced professionals in finance and attorneys from big legal firm and successfully conducted lawsuits and advisory services on large scale financial and securities cases so far. The Securities and Finance department, led by a team of attorneys (such as Park Sung-jae) who has been in the field of financial tax investigation at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office and a certified public accountant, is responsible for capital markets including structured fund litigation, derivatives cases such as ELS, options and futures, stock manipulation and use of undisclosed information. Min & Partners is specializes in prosecution investigations on major financial and securities cases such as legal violations, civil and criminal lawsuits, and financial supervisory services. In addition, a team of tax attorneys from accountants are responsible for providing legal advice and handling disputes related to domestic and international taxes. Furthermore, the company provides high-quality legal services to the establishment, operation, M&A of financial companies, crypto currency, fin-tech, and related financial advisors and financial committees.


- Representing the victims for 40% torts to Foreign Bank’s Equity Accumulator

- Representing several funds from major finance firms and stock manipulation 

- Advising lay out of funds and financial bonds with risk management and compliance

- Advising Fintech Finance Solution based on Digital Transformation

- Advising the design of Platform to trade the unlisted stock based on blockchain


- Advising several designing PF structure and composing contract

Partners and Experts

Park Sung Jae

Park Sung Jae Attorneys

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Corporate Advisory Prosecutor’s Investigation Securities Finance

Lee Sang Uk

Lee Sang Uk Attorneys

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China Construction, Real estate Medical, Food Securities Finance

Lee Joo Kwan

Lee Joo Kwan Attorneys

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Corporate Advisory International Affairs Securities Finance

Youn Subok

Youn Subok Attorneys

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China Police investigation Securities Finance

Song Jae Won

Song Jae Won Attorneys

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Corporate Advisory Prosecutor’s Investigation Securities Finance

Chung Jae Ha

Chung Jae Ha Attorneys

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Construction, Real estate Securities Finance

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