- Gongju Hanil High School (1997)

- Korean National Police University, Department of Law (2001)

- Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea. (38th)



- Korean National Police Agency, Seoul Dongdaemun Police Station (2001)

- Attorney, Logos Law, LLC (2009)

- Center For Financial Law(4th) of Seoul National University (2010 ~ 2012)

- Legal Team, Samsung Securities  (2010 ~ 2011)

- Acquisition of International FRM

- Instructor, Korea Institute of Financial Investment

- Professor, Epass Korea

- Instructor, Korean Police Investigation Academy


- Act of the debtor subject to denial under the Bankruptcy (2010)

- Investors' relief for commercial papers issued before bankruptcy proceedings (2010)

- Legal Liability for Issuance and Sales of Subordinated Bonds by Insolvent Savings Banks (2010)

- Amendment to the Capital Market Act to introduce hedge funds and foster large investment bank (2011)

- A review on the prohibition of market disturbances under the Capital Market Act (2015)