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In food and medical department of Min & Partners, LLC, we have a team of attorney Lee Sanguk who has been assigned to the Food & Drug Administration, and attorney Park Jinwoo who has majored in pharmacy in United States. This team has shown outstanding results based on various experiences they had and with their sincerity on every cases and advises they performed. Min & Partners promises and guarantees to provide better legal service in quality to all who are finding our food and medical department. 


- Representing the case regards to Drug Rebate to Physicians

- Representing the torts regard to medical accidents in Bucheon XX Hospital

- Representing Korea Pharmacist Association in the administrative law

- Representing Oriental Medicine Physician for manufacturing Diet drug

- Representing the case regards to Exaggerated Medical Advertisement in SamCheonpo district Hospital 

- Representing the case regards to importing Micro dust Mask

- Representing Konex Co. for Cosmetic related administrative law violation

- Representing the case regards to Beef Origin venders

- Representing Fake Red Ginseng case

- Representing Frozen Minced Garlic Import case

- Representing Food sanitation law Violation case with distribution period

- Representing School Meal torts and curruption related cases

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