Attorney Kim Deok Hoe, Partner Attoreny of Min & C, is specialized in construction and the litigation of civil, criminal and administrative law. 

He graduated from Korea National Police University and worked at the Kyeong Buk Provincial Police Agency and Daegu Nambu Police Station. After he finished Judicial Research and Training Institute, he began to participate in the Legal Affairs department of Samsung C&T. Based on these experiences, he practices the legal services such as Construction, Real Estate, Administrative, Government Agent Punishment, Civil and Criminal Cases.




- 1999. Yung Jin High school, Daegu

- 2004. 20th Korea National Police University, School of Law

- 2018. Graduate School of Construction Legal Affairs, Kwangwoon University. M.A candidate




- 2004. Police Agency

- 2006. Investigator, Daegu Nambu Police Station

- 2009. Passed 51st Bar Exam

- 2012. 41st Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea.  

- 2012. Legal Affairs Department, Samsung C&T

- 2015. Min & C

- 2018. Member of Non-Serious Crime Evaluation Committee of Seoul Suseo Police Station

- 2018. Rist management Member, CAFCO Legal Council