Attorney Kim, Partner of Min & C, is specialized in the Capital Market, M&A, Taxation, IP and Corporate Compliance. 

He had remarkable experiences from Prosecutors’ Office in Seoul Central District, Gwang Ju District, Soo Won District for special brance. Based on this experiences, he provides the differentiated legal services related to white crime such as embezzlement, professional malpractice in business, fraud and IP infringement. 




- 1984. Songwon High School

- 1988. Seoul National University, School of Law

- 1993. 22nd Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea. 

- 2007. Syracuse University, Visiting Scholar

- 2011. Completed the Advanced Management Program in Yonsei University, Graduate School of Journalism&Mass Communcation, 

- 2017. Completed the AFP Program in Seoul National University, College of Arts




- 1993. Military Prosecutor, ROK Special Warfare Command

- 1996. Prosecutor, Busan District Prosecutors’ Office

- 1998. Prosecutor, Jeongeup Sub-district in Jeon Ju District Prosecutors’ Office

- 1999. Prosecutor, Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office

- 2001. Prosecutor, Gwang Ju Distrcit Prosecutors’ Office

- 2003. Researcher, Supreme Prosecution Service

- 2006. Chief Prosecutor, Soon Cheon Sub-district in Gwang Ju District Prosecutors’ Office

- 2007. Chief Prosecutor, Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office

- 2008. Chief Prosecutor, Inspection Department, Ministry of Justice 

- 2009. Chief Prosecutor, Special Investigation Department of Soo Won District Prosecutors’ Office

- 2009. Section Chief, 2nd Supervision Department of Supreme Prosecution Service

- 2010. Chief Prosecutor, Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office

- 2011. Research Committee Member of Institute of Justice

- 2012. Director Prosecutor, Chung Ju Sub-District, Cheong Ju District Prosecutors’ Office

- 2013. Director Prosecutor, An Yang Sub-District, Soo Won District Prosecutors’ Office

- 2014. Director Prosecutor, Chun Cheon District Prosecutors’ Office

- 2015. Partner Attorney, Min & C