Dr. Jongyeon Tark is the director of the Min ERM center based in Gangnam, Seoul. As head of the center, Dr. Tark manages a team of consultants and lawyers. He focuses on corporate investigations and compliance program management. He also leads workshops to enhance client knowledge and understanding of risk management best practices. 

Dr. Tark served at various police departments, including the Korean National Police Agency and Sungnam Nambu Police Station for over 14 years. Before joining the Min ERM center, he worked for the Department of Criminal Justice at New Haven University and JTsearch Risk Consultancy Firm..  

He has been interviewed on KBS and SBS regarding security issues. He has published over 20 articles in academic journals including Criminology and the Journal of Criminal Justice. He has taught Criminology and Research Methods at the Department of Criminal Justice at New Haven University and the Korean National Police University, among others.  

Dr. Tark earned a B.A. in Law from Korean National Police University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Criminology from Florida State University and speaks fluent English and Korean. 



- 1993. Korean National Police University

- 1999. Florida State University, School of Criminology (M.A.)

- 2004. Florida State University, College of Criminology & Criminal Justice (Ph.D.)


- 1993. Police Lieutenant at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency

- 1996. Chief Investigator at Investigation Section at Seongnam Nambu Police Station

- 2004. Assistant Professor at Dept. of Criminal Justice. University of New Haven

- 2006. Associate Professor at Dept. of Police Administration. Hannam University

- 2013. Visiting Scholar at Dept. of Criminology. University of Maryland

- 2017. Managing Director at Crisisnego, a risk management consultancy

- 2018. Consultant to the Safety and Administration team in the Kyonggi Gubernatorial Campaign and Gubernatorial Transition Committee. 


2004. Tark Jongyeon & Gary Kleck. Resisting Crime: The effects of victim action on the outcomes of crimes. Criminology. 2004. 42. 4. 861-910
2008. Tark Jongyeon, G. Kleck, L. Bedard. Crime Victimization and Divorce. International Review of Victimology. 15.1. 1-17.

Public Service

Adviser to Forensic Investigation Committee of the Korean National Police Agency
Adviser to the Anti-Terror Committee of the Gyonggi Province Policy Agency
A.S.I.S.T, Suicide Prevention Program, trainer