- Master, Doctor’s Degree. Inha University Political Science and International Relations

- Doctor’s Degree, Pusan National University Public Administration

- LLM, Illinois Institute of Technology Lawschool

- Master, Michigan State University Criminal Policy


- Korean National Police University(1st)



- Director of Personnel Division,Foreign Affairs (Investigation, Planning)Division, Korean National Police Agency

- Chief of Seoul Songpa, Gyeonggi Gwangju, Gyeongnam Namhae Police Station

- Public Security Cunsulate, Consulate General of The Republic of Korea In Chicago

- Senior Inspector of Drug Crime, Korean National Police Agency

- Senior Inspector of Security Investigation Division, Busan Metropolitan Police

- Superintendent of Criminal and Security Division, Busan Geumjeong Police Station

- Inspector, Korea Coast Guard

- Advisor, Incheon Metropolitan City, Incheon Community Media Foundation, Jungbu Coast Guard, Korean Association Against Drug Abuse, Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture, Korea Trade Commission, Korea International Cooperation Agency

- Crime Detection Investigation Training(Japan), International Drug Control Training(Israel)

- Complete The International Terrorims, Illinois Institute of Technology

- Complete The Police Leadership Training Program

- Complete The CEO Course, Yonsei, Hanyang, Dankuk, Korea National Sport, Tsinghua University