Attorney Park is the partner of Min & C in Gwang Ju branch, starting 2007. He’s specialized in the criminal, construction, family and divorce related cases. Based on these experiences, he will provide the best legal services. 


- 1992. Daedong high school, Gwang Ju

- 2001. JeonNam University, School of Law

- 2007. Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea


- 2007. Korean Bar Association, Jeon Buk Branch 

- 2010. Legal Council for Nam Won in Jeon Buk Province

- 2015. Legal Council for Ko Chang in Jeon Buk Province

- 2018. Investigation Legal Advisor for Gwang Ju Province Police Agency 

- 2019. Legal Council for Ham Pyung in Jeon Nam Province

- 2019. Legal Council for Jeon Nam Architect Association