Hwang Sun Seong is an associate attorney representing the cases regarding to white crimes such as embezzlement, breach of trust and breach of prevention of unfair competition act. In the perspective of litigation regarding to civil and administrative law, he practices the litigation of family clan, tort, breach of contract, reconstruction argument, fair trade infringement and corporate compliances with KT&G and Mille Co. 



- 1996. Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

- 2006. Yonsei University, School of Business, B.A.

- 2010. Seoul National University, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Dept of Economics, M.A

- 2015. SungKyunKwan University, Law School, J.D. 




- 2015. 4th Korean Attorney Bar Exam passed

- 2015. Yang Jae Law Firm

- 2016. Min & C




- A Study of Effect of Bank M&A on Loan Interest Rates