After graduating from SUNY at Buffalo, majored in pharmacy & pharmacology, attorney Part is participated in major pharmaceutical companies for regulatory affairs and business development. He moved the position to the Korea National Assembly for Congressman’s policy staff with health & welfare committee. 

After graduate school in Yonsei University and law school, he made his expertise with business-making consulting, Trade Mark Infringement and corporate compliances (Risk Management) for Chinese and Korean companies at Beijing DHH Law Firm, which is one of the major law firms in China. 

Currently, he involves and represents the cases regarding to drug abuses, environmental, business-making & risk management consulting, breach of contract & tort and corporate compliances. 



- 2004. Blue Mountain Academy, PA, USA

- 2008. State University of New York at Buffalo, Pharmacology

- 2013. Yonsei University, School of Law, M.A. candidate

- 2016. Law School, J.D.



- 2009. CKD Pharm. Co. for International Regulatory Affairs 

- 2011. Policy Staff Officer, Korea National Assembly, Health and Welfare Committee

- 2015. Lee International Law Group, IP Dept. 

- 2016. Beijing DHH Law Firm 

- 2019. Min & C