Managing Partner



- Kyungi High School (83rd) 
- Korea National Police University (7th)
- Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea. (22th)
- Seoul National University, School of Law. M.A (Majored in Employment & Labor)
- Seoul National University, School of Law, Ph.D candidate 



- Public Security Division General Director, Anyang Police Station, Gyeong Gi Provincial Police Agency

- Gang nam Police station, Legal Counsel

- Member of Regulatory Reform Committee of Korea National Police Agency

- Member of legal counsel for arbitration of Yongsan Police Station. 

- Special Investigation for Independent Counsel (Inducement of Strike of Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corp.) 

- Legal Advisor of Korea SMEs and Startups Agency

- Members of preparing the Korean Bar examination

- Representative, Neulpuren Oscar vill corp. 

- VP, Woolim holding corp. 

- Representative, Baruntur corp. 

- Legal Council for Seoul Provincial Police Agency

- Legal Council of demonstrations and protests, Seoul Provincial Police Agency

Public Commission Member, National Labor Relations Commission, Gyeonggi District Branch


- Disadvantaged Change of Rules of Employment. (M.A, 1994)

- Due Process of Arbitration of Labor dispute (Legal Research of Labor law, 1997)

- Unilateral Binding Power of Labor Collective Agreement (1998)

- Restriction of dismissal for business judgement (Critics of Labor Precedents, 1997)

- Comparison of Labor Relation between Labor Collective Agreement Period and End of period (1999)

- Compliance of Labor Collective Agreement (Legal Research of Labor Law, 1999)

- Citizens and Attorney (Seoul Bar Association)




- Exposition of Labor Law (Revised Edition, Co-authorship, 2001)